THE home of THE most extensive range of bespoke branded products available! Intelligent, brand optimised merchandise, to suit Clubs, Organisations, Businesses, Attractions, and Establishments of all sizes! From Premier League Football and Rugby Clubs to individuals and small business, HLD LTD offers the most comprehensive selection of items for retail, promotional and leisure use... in quantities to suit each and every individual requirement, and at prices that work for YOU!



Luxury Large Towels 

Luxury Medium Towels

Standard Full Colour Velour Towels


   Soft Mini Balls 

   Football Size 5 

   Football Size 1 





Luxury Drawstring Bag 


   Retro Bag 

   UK Stock; 

   Drawsting Bag 



   Bootbag Embroidered

   Bootbag Printed 

Leather Products 

(All Items In Branded Gift Box) 

   Nappa Leather Wallet 

   Hunter Leather Wallet 

   Ladies Nappa Leather Purses 

   Nappa Leather Credit Card Holder 

   Nappa Leather Passport Holder 

   Nappa Leather Washbag 

   Hunter Wallet Overnight Bag 

Gift Sets

   Winter Warmer - Thermo Mug and Sca

   Mug, Sock, Keyring

   Mug, Coaster, Keyring
   Mug And Scarf 

   Desk Top Set - Mug, Coaster, Exec Pen 

   Bear And Mug Set 

   3 Pairs Sock Set 

   Pint Glass/bottle Opener 

   Pint Glass/socks/bottle Opener 

   Bar Set - Pint Glass, Bottle Opener, 5 Beer Mats 

   Tankard Bar Set 

   Latte Mug, Hot Choc, Marshmallow Set 

   Twin Pack Mugs 


   Pint Glass And Scarf  

   Socks, Tie, Cufflinks 

   500ml Drinks Bottle And Bear 

   Bear, Mug, Sweets 

   Twin Pack T-shirts 

   Drinks Bottle, Drawstring Bag, Sweatbands 

   Drinks Bottle, Drawstring Bag, Ripper Wallet 

   T-shirt, Socks, Keyring  

   Car Set - Ice Scraper Mitten, Large Car Sticker, Keyring 

   Pet Set - Poop Bag Holder, Dog Collar And Lead, Pet Tag 

   Scarf, Mug, Keyring 

   Mug, Badge, Keyring 

   Pint Glass + Playing Cards Set 

   Pint Glass/playing Cards/bottle Opener 

   Tankard + Playing Cards Set 

   Tankard/playing Cards/bottle Opener 

   Mug/playing Cards/keyring Set  

   Mug/playing Cards/socks 

   Mug/playing Cards/coaster 

   Ceramic Money Box And Bear 

   Ceramic Money Box And Socks 

   Latte Mug And Socks 

   Latte Mug And Keyring 

   Latte Mug, Socks, Keyring 

   Socks, Tie, Mug 

   Socks And Tie 

   Mug And Socks 

   Tie And Socks 

Golf Sets 

   Towel, 3 balls, 20 Tees 

   3 Balls/20 Tees/20 Markers 

Sweets And Chocolate Inc. Easter And Christmas 

   Half Pint Glass And Sweets 

   Easter Egg In Mug With Cellophane And Ribbon 

   Easter Egg In Mug With Teddy In Gift Box 

   Mothers Day Set - Sweets In A Mug And Teddy In Gift Box 

   Travel Tin Sweets 

   Choc Footballs Tin 

   Sweet Tubs 

   Sweet Bags (Roll Top 150g) 

   Sweet Bags With Header Cards (200g) 

   Rock 4 Pack 

   Candy Dummy And Lanyard 

   Christmas Cracker (Standard Size) Packed With Sweets 

   Giant Christmas Cracker With Variety Of Sweets 

   3 Pack Tree Crackers Containing Choc Footballs 

   100g Chocolate Bars 

   Choc Lollipops (Shirt Shaped or Round With Piped Message) 

   Mug With Sweets In Cellophane With Ribbon 

   Advent Calendar 


 Christmas jumper bespoke 

 Santa stop sign 

 3 pack gift wrap 

 Gift bag 

 Tree decorations 3 pack 

 Tree crackers 3 pack 

 containing choc footballs 


 Reindeer soft toy 

 Giant reindeer  

 Santa hat basic 

 Stocking basic 

 Santa hat full colour luxury 

 Stocking full colour luxury 

 Presents sack 

 Christmas cards 10 pack 

 Large christmas cards

Stock Scarves 

   Chunky Knit Scarf 

   Chunky Fleck Knit Scarf 

   Icon Thin Stripe Fashion Scarf 

Bespoke Scarves 

   Embroidered Scarves (Bar Scarves Etc) 

   Standard Jaquard Scarves 

   Childrens Jacquard Scarf 

   Hi-def Jacquard Scarves 


Far East Knitted Hats 

Basic No Turn Up 

Basic With Turn Up 

Basic With Turn Up And Bobble 

Striped No Turn Up 

Striped With Turn Up 

Striped With Turn Up And Bobble 


Jacquard (NFL Style) 

Luxury Jacquard (Fleece Lined) 


Basic Caps with Woven Badge UK Stock 

Snapback Caps Basic

   Flat Caps

Basic Caps Bespoke 

Snapback Caps Bespoke 

Bespoke Luxury Caps 

UK Headwear 

(All with embroidered, or leather, woven, or metal badges) 

Beanie Hats 

Bobble Hats 

Fashion Knits 

   Flat Caps UK


Basic Knitted Gloves 

Fleece Lined Flecked Fashion Gloves 

Ski Gloves 

Bespoke Jacquard Gloves 

Bespoke Knitted Gloves With Woven Badge 


Mascot Buddies Cushion 

Double Sided Cushion (Any Shape) 


Stock Flags 

Small Flag

   Medium Flag 

   Car Flag 

   5 X 3 Mega Flag 

Bespoke Flags 

Bespoke Mega Flag (5x3) 

Car Flag 

Handwaving Flags 30'' X 20'' approx 

Handwaving Flags 44'' X 30'' approx 

   Hand Waving Flags 60''x36'' 

Car Products 

Car Dashboard No Slip Mat 

Metal Car Decal (Crest Or Slogan) Self Adhesive 

Number Plate Sticker Set 

Car Scarf 

Car Stickers 

   Mini Kit Hanger (Fabric)  

   Car Gift Set (Ice Scraper Mitten, Large Car Sticker, Keyring)  

   Ice Scraper Mitten 

   Car Pennant 

   Kit Shaped Car Pennant 

   Babygrow Shaped Baby On Board Sign 

   Round Or Diamond Baby On Board/Fan Sign 

   Bespoke Shape Car Hanger 

   Player Shirt Hanger (Plastic) 

   Dice Car Hanger 

   Boxing Gloves Car Hanger 

   Football/Rugby Ball Car Hangers 

   Hanging Crest Car Hangers 

   Metal Street Sign 

   Air Freshener Single 

   Air Freshener 3 pack 

Soft Toys UK Stock

(All supplied with Hoody/T shirt)

   Dezzie Bear Small, Medium and Large 

   Truffles Bear 


   Sh'elfy (Sitting Christmas Elf) 

   Reindeer Soft Toy 

   Giant Reindeer Soft Toy 

Bespoke Soft Toys 

Beanie Bears 

Keyring Bears 

Bespoke Dezzie With Crest And Scarf Small or Large 

Mascot Soft Toy 12" or 16'' 

Bedding And Rugs  


   Single Duvet And 1 Pillowcase Set 

   Double Duvet And 2 Pillowcase Set 

   54 Drop Curtains 

   72 Drop Curtains 

   Bean Bag Cover 

   Tie Backs 

   Single Pillow Case 

   Duvet Sets Panel Print  


 Dressing gowns plain colour

 Dressing gown striped 

 PJ's short sleeve 

 PJ's long sleeve 


 Boot style slippers 

 Bespoke slippers 

Clothing accessories 

 Socks single pairs 

 Socks twin packs 

 Socks gift set 3 pack 

 Kid's socks  


 Ladies neck scarves

Badges And Keyrings 

Please note; this is just a selection from our range… the possibilities are endless. These are just most popular items. 

   Metal Badges 

   Metal Keyrings 

   Giant Button Badges 

   4 Pack Button Badges 

   Full 3d Mascot Keyring  

   2d pvc Keyring (Mascot, Kit, Crest, Streets Etc) 

   Double Sided Kit Keyring (e.g. Home Away) 

   3d Spinning Football/Rugby Ball Keyring 

   2d Spinning Football 

   PU Leather Exec Style Keyring 

   Leather Fob With Metal Badge Keyring 

   Basic Bottle Opener Keyring 

   Zinc Alloy Bespoke Bottle Opener Keyring 

   pvc Bottle Top Bottle Opener Keyring 

   3d Retro Player Keyring 

   Torch Shaped Keyring (Bespoke Shape) 

   Antique Keyring 

   Trolley Coin Keyring 

   Boxed Badge And Keyring Set 


Printed Lanyards 

   Full Colour Sublimated Lanyards 

   Lanyards With Metal Badges 

   Lanyards With Engraved Buckles 

   Lanyard Medals 


 2d pvc Magnets (Any Shape) 

 Acrylic Jumbo Magnet  

Pocket money lines and matchday products 

 Hand clappers small 

 Hand clappers large 


 Bang-bang sticks (2 pack) 

 Beach balls 


 Jester hats  

 Top hats 



 Rosettes (traditional 3 tier) 

 Rosettes (button badge centre) 

 Tattoo sets 

 Children's pocket money pack 

 (A5 sticker set, wristband, fluffy mascot bug,

 pen, pencil) 

 Football/rugby ball stress ball 

 Fluffy bugs (standard) 

 Fluffy mascot bugs  

 Mini notebook and pencil 

 Leather bookmark 

 PVC door plaques 

 Metal door plaques 

 Wooden door plaques with rope 

 Festival bands 

 Silicon wristbands basic 

 Silicon wristbands shaped 

 Silicon wristbands double sided 


 School bag tags (pvc)


Curvy Pen 


   6'' Rulers 

   12' Rulers 

   Soft Feel Autograph Book 

   Ring Bound Autograph Book Full Colour 

   Basic Autograph Book And Pen Set 

   Mouse Mat

   Exercise Books A5 

   Exercise Books A4 

   Scrap Book A4 

   Soft Feel A5 Notebook And Pen 

   Engraved And Boxed Tokyo Pen 

   Full Colour Printed Neoprene Pencil Case 

  Basic Pencil Case 

  Tubular Full Colour Pencil Case 

  Basic Pencil Case Set 

  Leather Book Mark 

  4 Pack Pens 

  4 Pack Pencils 

  Marker Pens 

  A3 Calendar (Wirebound) 

  Slim Calendar (Wirebound) 


750ml Drinks Bottle 

500ml Drinks Bottles 

500ml 3d Logo Drinks Bottle 

Americano Beaker With Rubber Grip 

Americano Beaker No Grip 

Can Cup 

Standard Sublimation Mugs 

China Beaker With Real Gold Print Gilded Top 

Latte Mugs 


Pint Glass Boxed 

Half Pint Glass Boxed 

Tankard Boxed 

Thermo Travel Mug 

Plastic Festival Beakers 

Protein Shaker 


Executive Gifts 

Steel Hip Flask Set 

Steel Tankard 

   Crystal Glasses 

Brandy Glass 

Whiskey Glass 

Wine Glass 

Champagne Glass 

Gin Glass 

Large Tankard 


Metal Engraved Coaster Set

   China Beaker With Real Gold Print Gilded Top 

Presented in Acetate Box with Backing Card 

   Traditional Blazer Badge In Presentation Box 

   Boxed Antique Keyring 

   Cufflinks Set In Velvet Gift Box 

   Diamante Brooch In Velvet Gift Box 

   Glasses Case 


   Mascot Snapband Watch 

   Rubber Sports Watch in Tin 

   Metal Fashion Watch in Gift Tin 

   Snap Band Watch 

   Wooden Clocks (any shape) 

Pet Products 

Dog Collar And Lead 

   Pet Tag 

   Pet Poop Bag Dispenser 

   Dog Bowl 

   Doggie Jumper 


   Giant Greeting Cards 

   Standard Greeting Cards 

   Shirt Shaped Greeting Cards 

   10 Pack Balloons 

   3 Pack Gift Wrap 

   Gift Bag 

   10 Pack Party Invites And Envelopes 

Golf Products 

 3 Pack Golf Balls 

10 Pack Golf Tees 

 Golf Scorecard Holder 

 Golf Towels  

 Golf Umbrella 


 Large Pennant  

 Medium Pennant 

 Small Pennant 

 Luxury Embroidered Pennants 


 Dart Flights set of 3 (9 Flights) 

 Balloons 10 Pack  

 Season Ticket Wallet 

 Mini Umbrella 

 Ice Scraper Mitten 

 PVC Gift Set on Backing Card 

 (Badge, Keyring, Coaster or

 Door Plaque, Magnet) 

 Football Lunch Bags 

 Light Switch Cover Sticker 

 Glasses Case 

 Phone Covers 

 A4 Sticker Set 

 Sweatbands x2 

 Bespoke Ripper Wallet 

 Model Truck 

 Model Coach 

 Foam Set Cushion 

 Tape Measure (Heavy Duty) 

 Metal Street Sign 

 Foam Hands 

 (Hi-five Pointed Finger, Thumbs Up) 

 Foam Hands Slim Line 

 Plastic Sandwich Box 

 Programme Binders 

 Coasters 4 Pack 

 Beer Mats 10 Pack 

 Luxury Oven Gloves 

 Luxury Apron 

 Luxury Tea Towels 

 Crest Key Hanger 


 Multi Charger